Meet the Participants

Below you will find Web Extras from the 28 people that we interviewed for the documentary.  What makes these web extras extra special is that this is all brand-new material.  None of what you see here appeared in the documentary!  Enjoy!

Teresa Arnold & Clarence Moore, Jr.,

Edith Booker

Loretta Brown

Kenneth Collins

Joan Wilson-Collins & Jean Wilson-Richie

Vincent deForest

Bob Duckworth

Clarence Edwards

Georgia Ellard

Nathaniel Exum

Joseph Hairston

Harriett Harper

Stephen Hornyak

Charles Light

Larry Linville

Ethel Delaney Lee and Neilda Lee

Peytrienne McCormick

David Palmer

Prentice Pelfrey

Sonya Quitslund

Patricia Rosier

Fred Taylor

Robin Thornhill

Roland Tillery

Kenneth White






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