How can you see “Meet Me at Equality” on TV?

Ok, so our documentary Meet Me at Equality: The People’s March on Washington is scheduled to air in the Washington, DC region on WHUT-TV.  If you live outside WHUT’s viewing area, here’s what you need to do.

If you’ve ever watched shows on PBS, you know that at the beginning of a program, they often say something like, “This program is made possible by support from these funding organizations and VIEWERS LIKE YOU”

Well, if enough VIEWERS LIKE YOU call and let your local PBS affiliates know that you are in a documentary that’s going to air on PBS – they are more likely to pick up the program and air it.

The program has been accepted by NETA – that’s the National Educational Telecommunications Association (  NETA will distribute the program to any PBS affiliate who’s also a member of NETA.

All you have to do is:

1.  Call your local PBS affiliate
2.  Tell them that NETA (that’s the National Educational Telecommunications Association) has the program Meet Me at Equality: The People’s March on Washington  in their queue and that they are scheduled to feed it on Thursday August 22nd at 12 noon (from 1200-1300).  
3. Tell them that YOU want to see the documentary and you live in that station’s viewing area (PBS will be airing another documentary on Tuesday the 27th and one of the things they’re trying to do is establish local connections to The March).  
4.  If they ask about the producing/sponsoring station, that would be WHUT-TV.

And please feel free to ask your friends, family, church, social organizations, greek organizations – basically, anyone and everyone – to call in as well.  Just like with The March itself – the more people that make their voices heard, the more others will listen!

And one very important note…we need for people to call ASAP!  Most PBS stations set their schedules a month ahead of time.  So, with August less than a week away – we need to let them know NOW!  The sooner, the better.