March on Washington Documentary – Web Extras from Participant Interviews

Prentice Pelfrey Joseph Hairston Robin Thornhill Patricia Rosier

One of the best parts about making Meet Me at Equality: The People’s March on Washington was getting to meet all the people that we interviewed – people who had participated in The March on Washington.

One of the worst parts was realizing that, because the documentary was only an hour long, we wouldn’t be able to include all the wonderful things they had to say into the documentary itself.

Back in the day they would say that those clips would end up on the cutting room floor.  Not so today in the age of the internet.  Instead, we could make web extras – those parts of the participants’ interviews that didn’t make it to the documentary, but are still worth sharing.

Click on the link below to hear some amazing stories from our participants.  Hear Robin Thornhill talk about how,  as a seven-year-old girl attending the march, she thought she was going to meet The Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. that day!  And then hear her share how that day impacted her later in life when she attended a newly-integrated high school.

Clarence Edwards has a story to tell.  He attended the March as a participant.  Yet, less than a month later, he reported for duty with the U.S Park Police.  Mr. Edwards went on to become the first African American Chief of Police for Montgomery County, Maryland.  But that never would’ve happened if not for something that happened when he was a teenager.

You can hear Loretta Brown share her story about how she got arrested when she was a student in Orangeburg, SC.

And then there’s Joseph Hairston talking about some of the behind-the-scenes planning that took place before the March.

Those are just a few of the stories you’ll hear from the 28 people – make that the 28 participants from The March on Washington – that we interviewed for the documentary!

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