Ithaca College’s Coverage of the 50th Anniversary of The March on Washington




A great article by Candace King – Class of 2015 in the Park School of Communications at Ithaca College.  Candace was with one of the teams of student-journalists that traveled down to Washington DC to cover the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.

Click on the photo below to see Candace’s article.

Ithaca College News Crew 8-28-2013

Ithaca College News Crew 8-28-2013


March on Washington – Oral History Project with Reservoir High School

On November 25th, I had the VERY distinct pleasure of being a guest speaker in Mrs. Nicole Ivovich’s World History Classes at Reservoir High School in Fulton, MD.  Nicole’s an awesome teacher with some incredible students.  On MLK Day 2014, they’re going to conduct oral history interviews with people who participated in the Civil Rights Movement.  Then, later in the Spring, every student is going to produce an oral history project with a subject of their choosing. After hearing about some of the people they’ve lined up, I am seriously looking forward to seeing, and hearing, their projects next year!

Talking to Nicole Ivovich's World History Class at Reservoir HS - November 2013

Talking to Nicole Ivovich’s World History Class at Reservoir HS – November 2013

Talking to Nicole Ivovich's World History Class at Reservoir HS - November 2013

Talking to Nicole Ivovich’s World History Class at Reservoir HS – November 2013

Talking to Nicole Ivovich's World History Class at Reservoir HS - November 2013

Talking to Nicole Ivovich’s World History Class at Reservoir HS – November 2013

March on Washington Documentary now available on DVD!

Equality5x7Card_1-upWe have been overwhelmed by the kind words and support our documentary has received! Many people have asked us how they can get  a copy of Meet Me at Equality: The People’s March on Washington.  Well, we have good news!  The DVDs are in!  They’re available for purchase through the Ithaca College Bookstore.

Just click on the link below.  And thanks to ALL of you for ALL of your support during this past year!

Meet Me at Equality – DVD

Clarence Moore020Clarence Moore015

Reflections from The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom


Since our documentary’s aired, we’ve heard from people all over the country who were there that day.  One person we heard from was Dr. Phylicia Fauntleroy Bowman.  She shared with us the letter that her mother, Phyllis Gibbs Fauntleroy wrote on August 31st, 1963.

March on Washington Anniversary



In light of the recent heartbreaking news coming out of Washington, DC, I thought I might share something a little more heartwarming, and uplifting.  Here are some of the sites and scenes from the recent 50th Anniversary Commemorations of The March on Washington.  Included in this photo gallery you’ll get to see images of the 18 incredible students from the Park School of Communications at Ithaca College with whom I had the pleasure to work.

Click on the image below to see more from August 24th and August 28th, 2013






March on Washington Documentary Now Available Online through PBS!


Good news!  I’ve heard from a lot of folks who didn’t get to see my documentary when it aired on PBS asking when it would be available online.  Well, the answer is NOW!

And please check the website throughout the fall for updates on when it will air again and when the DVDs will be ready!

Thanks again for ALL your support!!!

March on Washington Documentary – Web Extras from Participant Interviews

Prentice Pelfrey Joseph Hairston Robin Thornhill Patricia Rosier

One of the best parts about making Meet Me at Equality: The People’s March on Washington was getting to meet all the people that we interviewed – people who had participated in The March on Washington.

One of the worst parts was realizing that, because the documentary was only an hour long, we wouldn’t be able to include all the wonderful things they had to say into the documentary itself.

Back in the day they would say that those clips would end up on the cutting room floor.  Not so today in the age of the internet.  Instead, we could make web extras – those parts of the participants’ interviews that didn’t make it to the documentary, but are still worth sharing.

Click on the link below to hear some amazing stories from our participants.  Hear Robin Thornhill talk about how,  as a seven-year-old girl attending the march, she thought she was going to meet The Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. that day!  And then hear her share how that day impacted her later in life when she attended a newly-integrated high school.

Clarence Edwards has a story to tell.  He attended the March as a participant.  Yet, less than a month later, he reported for duty with the U.S Park Police.  Mr. Edwards went on to become the first African American Chief of Police for Montgomery County, Maryland.  But that never would’ve happened if not for something that happened when he was a teenager.

You can hear Loretta Brown share her story about how she got arrested when she was a student in Orangeburg, SC.

And then there’s Joseph Hairston talking about some of the behind-the-scenes planning that took place before the March.

Those are just a few of the stories you’ll hear from the 28 people – make that the 28 participants from The March on Washington – that we interviewed for the documentary!

Kenneth CollinsLoretta Brown-copy Bob Duckworth-2


March on Washington Anniversary Coverage

IMG_1706 IMG_1747

The March Anniversary may be behind us…But, as we posted in the days leading up to it, two groups of students from the Park School of Communications at Ithaca College were in DC to cover the Commemoration.  On August 24th, 13 student-journalists partnered up with NBC News to cover the day’s events.  You can see the results of their work here.

March on Washington Documentary September Air Dates

Equality5x7Card_1-upThank you one and all who watched our documentary last week!  We’re hearing from more and more PBS affiliates across the country who are picking up the program!

The updated air dates are listed below.  As we hear about more stations scheduling the program, we’ll update the page!

And don’t forget – it’ll also be online – hopefully sooner-rather-than later!  We’re still waiting to hear back from PBS as to specifics.

In the meantime, here are the times and dates when it’s scheduled to air in September.

KBTC-TV (Puget Sound)

  •  Sunday September 8th at 3am

WPBA (Atlanta,